Dates & Deadlines

The University deadlines are listed below; however, some academic programs have earlier deadlines than those established by the University, or may admit only for a specific term. Please contact your program of interest to ensure that you meet specific admission criteria and deadlines established by the program. These requirements can be accessed through the Graduate Degrees and Programs sections.

Graduate applications and all supporting documents should be submitted well in advance of the program deadline.  The Office of Graduate Admissions makes every effort to process your application in time for the semester of your choice. Adhering to the deadline dates below helps ensure a decision before the semester starts. U.S. citizens and permanent residents with foreign academic credentials should allow adequate time for transcript evaluation.

Admission is for a specific semester. If you do not enroll in the semester for which you applied, your application and supporting documents will remain on file for one year.  After that time, you must repeat the application process. Contact the Office of Graduate Admissions if you want to change your entry term.  Some programs may have restrictions on entry terms.

University Office of Graduate Admissions Application Deadlines 2021 - 2022



General Application

 Application & Forms

Fall Semester

Priority Date:  Jul 15
Final Deadline:  Aug 6
(Late registration fees assessed)  

Varies - Contact Department

  Spring Semester

Priority Date:  Dec 1
Final Deadline:  Jan 4

(Late registration fees assessed)  

Varies - Contact Department

Summer Term

(3W, 8W)

Priority Deadline:   May 1
(Click here to view the term dates that are in the SUM Term)

Varies - Contact Department

Summer I Term

(5W1, 10W)

Final Deadline:   May 26
(Click here to view the term dates that are in the SUM Term)

Varies - Contact Department

Summer II Term


Final Deadline:   Jul 1
(Click here to view the term dates that are in the SUMTerm)

Varies - Contact Department

*ACADEMIC DEPARTMENT DEADLINES:  Many departments have deadlines that are much earlier than the Office of Graduate Admissions deadlines.  To ensure registration during the Regular Registration period, the general application for admission, along with the application fee and the applicants' academic transcripts, must be received in the admissions office 7-14 days prior to the academic department’s deadline for domestic applications and 30 days prior for applicants with foreign credentials. 

Therefore, it is crucial for applicants to review the academic department's website to determine early deadlines that must be met for application consideration.