Graduate Council Student Representative

Represent the Graduate Student Body

The Graduate Council, which consists of members of the Graduate Faculty at UNT Dallas, functions as an executive committee to advise and assist the Dean of the Graduate School.  The Graduate Council is responsible for recommending policy regarding standards, criteria, regulations, procedures, and other matters affecting graduate study.  The Council’s overarching role is to support the improvement of graduate education of the highest quality at UNT Dallas through its consultative and faculty governance roles. 

The Graduate Council consists of voting members which include a faculty representative from each degree program and a graduate faculty member from the Faculty Senate.  The Council also consists of non-voting (Ex Officio) members that include representatives from the Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid, University Library, UG Advising, and University Accreditation & Policy.  In addition to the representation of departments of the university, there shall be one graduate student, who is in good standing, which will represent the graduate student body.

The Graduate Student Representative will have the responsibility to make their views and the views of the graduate student body known through the expression of student opinions on decisions affecting academic policy and procedures, as well as academic program approvals and/or changes.

ROLE:  Ex Officio (non-voting) Member

TERM:  One year (meetings held monthly; September – May)

TIME COMMITMENT:  No more than 3- 5 hours per month, which includes monthly meetings and possibly any meeting time while serving on one of the Subcommittees.

MEETING TIME: 2nd Monday of the month; details announced via email.

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